Cornerstone Summer Classic, August 19th - 21st -- Grandview gets a '10'!


Grandview had a spectacular showing at the Summer Classic held by Cornerstone at the Caledon Horsepark on August 19th - 21st.  The 3 series show running through the summer is one of Canada's most elite and popular set of competitions.  This year, a gold and bronze show were held coincidentally, and Grandview had entries in both.

In the gold show, in Training level, Ashley rode Wendi Cutts' young horse, Royal Rubinero, setting the bar for the entire competition, earning an incredible 81% Training level test 1, needless to say, winning the class.  He won 5 of the 6 large Training level classes, with the lowest score of 73%, and as mentioned, scoring all the way up to 81%.  Naturally, he effortlessly was crowned Champion of the Open Training Level division at show's end.  An incredible outing for just the second show for this talented youngster. 

In First Level, Ashley rode Rene Hugye's R. P. Ruby.  This lovely young mare had an outstanding showing, winning 2 of her 6 tests in, again, very large and competitive classes, and coming second in 3 others.  Ashley received an incredible compliment in one of her tests on Ruby, earning a '10' for the mark designated for the rider's position and effectiveness.  The marks for this mare's 6 tests ranged from 71 - 78.3%, and she was also crowned Champion of the Open First Level division.

In Fourth Level, Laura Houghton rode Ducatti to some really outstanding results and career highs.  She earned an incredible 69.4% in the 4th Level Test 2 class, and although an Adult Amateur, was competing within the Open division and did so with incredible composure and success.  She was crowned the Open 4th Level Champion!  We're all so proud of Laura, congratulations!

In the Bronze show, several youngsters dipped their feet into the dressage competition world, including Satsuma and d'Xterity.  Satsuma, just 3 years old and 5 months under saddle, took the busy showgrounds all in stride, and was piloted expertly by Sarah Henderson, scoring great marks, including two 68s%, pretty remarkable for this little fellow first show experience.  And a job well done by Sarah.  This wonderful pair is going to be one to watch in the gold ring next summer!  And Melanie Vandercrone did a commendable job on her 5 year old, d'Xterity.  Melanie and Dexter are new to the show scene, and Dexter is learning slowly that the show and warm up rings really aren't THAT scary!  She earned scores in the 60s, and rightfully, was very proud of the progress in confidence that Dexter made.  Congratulations to you both.

 And, again:  a huge thank you to everyone that tirelessly comes out to help make everything happen at the shows.  And, particularly to Vera Rubisova, a member of the Grandview family, who volunteers all day, each day, at the Cornerstone shows -- without volunteers like Vera, these shows would not be possible.  Thank you so much, Vera!  Your next bottle of sunscreen is on Grandview!